The Dalmatian Energy Agency – DEA is once again organizing an info desk on Thursday December 14 and on Friday December 15, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., in the Joker Shopping Center (Put brodarice 6, Split).

All citizens will be able to get information related to the use of solar energy and the installation of photovoltaic systems on houses or buildings at the DEA’s already traditional info desk. At the info desk, the DEA will distribute leaflets with information about the tender of the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, which is open until the end of this year, to all interested parties. This is a tender for co-financing the installation of photovoltaic power plants for the production of electricity for self-consumption on the roofs of existing family houses or on existing auxiliary buildings located next to the family house, where the degree of useful performance of the installed photovoltaic modules must be at least 18 percent. The goal of this program is to encourage a wider application of systems for the use of solar energy for the production of electricity, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Implementation of EU Council Regulation 2022/1854 on emergency intervention to resolve the issue of high energy prices. Funds are available for power plants that have been installed and put into operation since 1. January 2023, and range up to 50 percent of the justified costs of the project, i.e. in the amount of 600 euros per kW of nominal power of the installed photovoltaic power plant.

Likewise, at the information desk, citizens will have access to a detailed Guide for installing a photovoltaic system on a house or building, which contains answers to numerous questions related to the use of solar energy, issued by the DEA. The guide answers topics about whether it is worth installing a photovoltaic system, what the legal procedure is, what tax rates apply, as well as detailed technical characteristics important for setting up the system. The guide can be downloaded in digital form from the website of the Dalmatian Energy Agency .

Director of the Dalmatian Energy Agency, Mario Jakić, reminds that DEA continuously provides advisory services to all those interested in the installation of photovoltaic systems. Advisory assistance is free and available in all steps: from initial consultation, consultation during the creation of project-technical documentation to consultation in the final supervision. Likewise, announced Director Jakić, DEA will continue with the started projects in the next year with the aim of providing advisory and technical assistance services for the preparation and realization of the construction of integrated solar power plants.

Mario Jakic,
Director of the Dalmatian Energy Agency
Split, 13. December 2023